Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 3 (PSP) - Part 1

I heard the bad news. Kazuki Takashi, the creator of Yugioh card game has passed away on 6th July 2022 due to drowning while snorkeling. To pay respect to him, i play my most favorite Yugioh video game: Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 3 (2008). 

Disclaimer: i don't watch the show. My knowledge about Yu-Gi-Oh! GX mainly from this game. Nevertheless, i play this game a lot back when i still have my slim PSP. The other source of information is from the wikipedia. There's Jaden Yuki (or Judai Yuki in Japan version) the main protagonist of the show, on the right. While the person on the left is Yubel, a duel spirit that eventually emerging with Jaden's soul and later Jaden become serious and has spikier hair. Normally, Jaden is more cheerful and optimistic spirit but because his soul emerges with Yubel he becomes less cheerful but still retaining his spirit to cherish his friends and card duel spirit. Anyway, let's start the game right away.

Fair warning! If you're new to Yugioh duel card, your mind will go either blank or haywire upon the gameplay. I try my best to guide you as friendly as possible, though.

You won't get to play as the main protagonist. You will play as this naive lad with red cap. You don't get to change his appearance. Not even the color of his hair. Another disclaimer: name Jo Iwaka is the name that happens on my mind since i play the first Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 3. If you or any of your relative have the same name, it's just purely coincidence .  

Once you done naming this naive git, he's called by Chancellor Sheppard and chosen to participate in ceremonial tag duel at the graduation ceremony. Because it's tag duel, you have to choose a partner, naturally.    

You can only choose from these 6 card duelists which located in Duelist 1 tab. But if you clear the game once, you will unlock other characters such as support characters from the show, minor duel academy students, or even people outside of the duel academy! Those outsiders gets approval from Chancellor himself. So it should be fine, maybe. I won't recommend you to choose the main protagonist, because his deck is relatively weak. It's filled with weak Neo-Spacian animal aliens but they can be fused with Elemental Hero Neos plus without "Polymerization" spell card. If i remember correctly, Syrus' deck is fairly strong and filled with machine-type monster. While Zane's deck revolves around pretty famous union machine-type monster: V-Tiger Jet, W-Wing Catapult, X-Head Cannon, Y-Dragon Head, and Z-Metal Tank plus some machine-type monsters. Two heroines that don't show in this screenshot is Blair Flannigan with "Lightsworn" archetype. It's strong but it demands her to throw away card from her deck. She doesn't have problem with that. But if you tag team with her (at some moments whether optional or mandatory), you're forced to throw your card straight from your deck too which can be detrimental. The only one left in the roster is...  


...Alexis Rhodes (or Asuka Tenjouin) who can be considered the main heroine. She makes some remark on me in real life how i always late to go to sleep, mainly because my room is bloody hot. Unless you want to buy me Air Conditioner for my room, i can make promise to go to sleep earlier. How about that?   


There's some cards just lying around on the ground. Obviously you have to take them and add them to your collection. Finders keepers as they said. If the real owner feels lost over their lost card, it's solely their fault for not keeping it well in trunk  like what i do to my card collection in this game.


Right in besides the door of my room is this lady that claim to be member of The Academy Ethics Committee. She shows the rope of the game. The main goal of this game is to increase your partner's affinity by winning card duel (Solo or Tag), or giving sandwiches to them, for example. I don't need remainder about the game. I just want to ask her to let go the card that she currently stepped on. Ok, fine. I'll go somewhere else until you move on your own.

The most important menu in this game is Deck Menu, where you manage your deck that you will use for duel. To bring the menu press "square" button. On the menu, press "cross" button to confirm/choose and press "circle" button to cancel or exit previous menu. Standard RPG menu control. On Deck Menu, there's Deck Edit and Recipe Viewer. You most likely fiddling with Deck Edit  which is understandable if you want to success in card duel. Meanwhile Recipe Viewer is to look deck recipe that you get so far. The recipes can be from your own creation deck or character's specialty. I remember that if you finish the game, you will get deck recipes from your partners so you can remember them in your duel soul. Such is the wonderful of Yugioh. :) 

Whether you like it or not, your initial deck is filled with warrior-type monsters. In Tag Force 1, the initial deck consists of fish and aqua type monster. Monster card is the creature that you summon from a card. Even though the warrior type monsters look like very human, they still called monster nonetheless. But this millennium shield doesn't look like human, for sure. The warrior type monster has s sword in type symbol, so that divine shield certainly a warrior monster. It's not initially on my main deck. It's on side deck so i figure i move it to my main deck. Side deck is extra cards that you want to use in tournament format besides your main deck. Side deck can only hold up to 15 cards. Tournament format is the usual best of three round match. So having extra deck can make some variety on your main deck, but only in tournament mode only. I often use extra deck to "bookmark" cards that can be added to main deck later without expanding main deck unnecessarily.

The main deck must be minimum 40 cards and maximum 60 cards. I feel like if i make deck with 50 cards or so, the rotation doesn't go well, unless your deck based with certain archetype that allow you to utilize the card you desire from the deck, for example: Gladiator-Beast archetype. My rules of thumb is general deck should consists of 40-50 cards.

You can also change your deck name. Starting deck sounds lame. Back then i renamed it to "Valiant" . But this time i rename it to Vanguard. This one for you, HMS Vanguard.


I enter a room and i collect my bravery to challenge Nathan. I remember the student's deck has some similarity to their deck in first Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force and i think Nathan's deck is fairly easy. Meanwhile, Nathan's partner is angry about the TV that suddenly broken in the middle of her favorite show.

I lost at Rock-Paper-Scissor game. This is bad sign. But Nathan kindly gives me the chance for the first turn. Scout_thanks02.wav   

My starting hand is...garbage. Every duelist draw 5 cards from their respective deck at the start of the match. Duelist draw another card at the start of their turn, hence this phase called "Draw Phase" or DP in phase bar on the center there. After Draw Phase, the duelist move on to "Standby Phase" then into "Main Phase 1" where they can play their card for real. There's absolutely nothing on Standby Phase. Although some card's effect activated on that phase. If you click on your deck during Main Phase 1, you are about to commit surrender. So be careful of that!

My first play is pretty simple. Put "Sogen" field card that will boost ATK and DEF of all Warrior-type monster on the field by 200 points then i put Future Samurai (that i just got from the first single draw) in Attack position. After that, i end my turn. The thing with first turn is, you can't initiate Battle Phase thus you can't commence battle at all. To enter phase option, press "circle" button. If you decide to move on to next phase, press the right on D-pad and press "cross" button while in phase option.      


Soldier_negativevocalization04.wav. Nathan activates "Soul Exchange" spell card that allow him to use my monster as tribute to summon his higher level monster but he can't conduct his battle phase on this turn. On normal circumstance, you can summon monster from your hand with level 1-4. 5-6 level monster required one monster on their side as tribute. While monster with level 7 and above required two monsters on their side as tribute. 


I manage to deny his high level monster "Big Core" with "Back to Square One" spell. It's effect is by discarding one card on my hand i can make a monster return to the top of owner's deck. Not only i can deny enemy's powerful monster but also make them unable to get new card on their next draw phase. But alas! Nathan use "Monster Reborn" that special summon any monster on everyone's card graveyard and later use the monster for tribute to re-summon "Big Core". Card graveyard is place where the destroyed or discarded cards go. Used spell and trap cards also go there. On top of the card graveyard is place where the card is removed. The removed cards are harder to retrieve than cards that removed because cards that manage card graveyard management are significantly bigger in quantity than cards that manage removed cards. I believe there's no exact term for the place for removed card. I think you can call it "card disposal area".

Because i don't have monster that can match that "Big Core" yet so i'm forced to play defensively by putting monster in face-down defense potion and end my turn. If monster on defense position get destroyed by monster's attack, the controller of that defensive monster will not get battle damage.


This time, i use "Lightning Vortex" spell card that destroy all face up monster on enemy's side but requires me to discard a card in my hand (again). He seems doesn't like the "Big Core" destroyed. Take that!  Scout_specialcompleted10.wav


If your opponents don't have any monster on their side, your monster will attack them directly. BAM! The effect of this monster card is lame. It only delays any trap card activation until end of my turn. I have feeling that this card is parody of Metal Gear Solid, maybe.


Speaking of Konami's game, Nathan happens to have Moai statue monster and it has large defense power of 2,000 points! The spy is too weak to breach its big defense. Spy_jeers02.wav


Nathan manages to summon level 7 monster! Oh, i see. Nathan use deck that consists of Gradius' bosses. I remember back in Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 1 , Nathan uses Alien (reptile type) archetype deck which also utilizes counter number which can weaken his opponent's monsters or even taking control of them. This Gradius deck is not as vile as that Alien archetype deck but still too strong for my current deck.

But there's a hope! I have my hand on D.D. Assailant that has ability to remove him and his attacker if he's destroyed in battle. That one big crisis is averted well.  


You can check your opponent's card graveyard because why not? On this turn i manage to summon the tough Millennium Shield plus Command Knight that can boost my warrior's attack power by 400 points. Even though Command Knight doesn't have strong attack power (initially 1,200 points and due to their own effect become 1,600 points) but they can't be attacked as long as there's other monster and it happens to be Millennium Shield that have enormous defense power of 3,000 points plus 200 points thanks to "Sogen" field card that come in play.

If you wonder why i can summon Millennium Shield that have level 5 which mean it requires one monster as tribute for normal summon, relatively easy. That's because i utilize the effect of "Warrior Lady of Wasteland" that can special summon any warrior type monster (with element earth, mind you) that has attack power of 1,500 points or less, from deck to the field. Whaddya know? Millennium Shield has less than 1,500 points of attack power, which is 0 points. Am i smart or not, huh?    


But eventually, i lost thanks to that blasted "Soul Exchange" spell card and from there it went downhill for me. Even though i lost the match, somehow Alexis' affinity is increased a bit. I forget to save the game before the match! Thus my match record is tarnished by that defeat. Yes, it's only 1 lost. But if i could have perfect match record (by utilizing save/load game) without losing, why would i want lost get recorded even just once? Sniper_jeers02.wav  

Thank you very much for your wise word there, Hermes. I have to brush off that one defeat and keep moving on for readers and my wife there. Let's go!


In one of the room, i found Loggy. I think his deck is not hard to beat. I remember this dastard equip spell card. It makes one monster unable to attack and the owner receives 500 point damage on their standby phase.   

Now i remember Loggy's deck. It has (demonic) mask theme. It's mostly consist of weak normal monster but you have to beware of his Justi-Break trap card. Its effect is when his opponent's monster attack his normal monster card, it will destroy all monster on the field except face-up normal monster in attack position. If you don't have any normal monster ready at the time, you most likely screwed up when Justi-Break activated.

Also, you have to be aware of this ritual monster "The Masked Beast". It doesn't have any effect but its attack power is gigantic: 3,200 points! Ritual monster is a special monster that can be summoned with a related ritual spell card and monster tribute either from field or hand with total level equal or more than the level of Ritual Monster itself.      

But i manage to retrieve "Exiled Force" monster from Graveyard by using "The Warrior Returning Alive" spell card and later use the monster's effect which is i can destroy enemy's monster (obviously i target the Masked Beast) by sacrificing the "Exiled Force" themselves. After that the match went well for me.

One thing that amuses me is the cutscene where my opponent receive battle damage like in this one. There's various visual effect depends on the attacker's element property. In this one Loggy get hit by Light-element monster, resulting in shining (pun may intended) effect.

Finally, my first win! Upon winning a duel, you get significantly more DP than losing. There's high score bonus for extra DP in early game. DP is currency in this game. It's not real money. You can't entrust these students with real money, you know. But it's viable currency for business in this Duel Card Academy. There's also experience which is probably scale with the DP reward. Naturally, gaining enough exp will gives you a level up and there's bonus DP upon leveling up. You get more DP reward if you defeat someone with higher level deck.  


Time to leave the Slifer Red dormitory and move on to other place. Then i stumbled into this laboratory that's filled with anime Men in Black. This particular MIB agent says that these machines behind him is "Exchange Card" machine and "Password" machine. The former will converts any useless cards into (hopefully) better card. While the later allow you to input 8-digit code on Yu-Gi-Oh! card and unlock it on card rental counter next to machine. That gives me a brilliant idea.    

ygopro 1.032

I happen to have ygopro that basically free yugioh simulator. You can have all cards you want but the database is limited to Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal that first introduce us with XYZ summon. The problem with this game is there's only few deck initially. So you have to make your ai opponent's deck. Although you can see deck recipes from internet or whatnot.

Anyway, my plan is to search monster cards with name "Junk" which is the signature of Yusei Fudo (from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's) including Synchro monsters and input their 8-digit password. Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 3 take setting of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX which Synchro summon isn't invented yet but the game allows that to some extent. That could be big advantage for us! Jaden Yuki and Co will blow their mind over it.

Synchro summon is kind of like cross between fusion and ritual summon but requires no special spell card. Instead you need specific monster with sub-type called "Tuner". Then you need to sacrifice monsters in your field that level when sum up with the Tuner monster are exactly the level of Synchro monster that you like to summon. Exactly means no more or less. Just the right number of level summation. The disadvantage of synchro summon is it requires monster tribute that are on the field. It can't be done with monster tribute on hand unlike fusion or ritual summon. Thus it heavily relies on special summons. Some Tuner monster's effect can provide special summon for specific Synchro summon. I think Synchro summon is invented to make monster with level lower than 4 become more useful in battle.

But the thing is, currently i don't have any neither Synchro nor Tuner monster. So hopefully renting card can solve that problem.   


Blegh! This stupid machine doesn't accept password of Junk Gardna. I adore it because it appears in Special Yu-Gi-Oh! anime movie. Not just Junk Gardna, the machine can't accept any neat "Junk" monsters that presumably Yusei Fudo will deploys. All i can get is "Junk Synchron" and "Junk Warrior". But i can understand that as Synchro summon is just newly invented back in the day so not all card from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D can exist in this game.  


Everytime you go to other places, the time will go pass. Approximately at 9.00 AM, the class will start. You can choose to attend it or not. Some partner don't care or like to skip class. While other like to attend the class and they will frown on you if you skip class. Alexis is the latter ones. So into the class, we go.  


Demoman_sf12_badmagic05.wav. Vellian Crowler looks so horrible there. Plus his eyes blink occasionally. This screen is as scary as Kuon's title screen! I think i regret not to skip the class.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 1, the class is actual lesson/tutorial regarding the card game. But in this one, the class is one of mini game in this game. I can choose to skip this mini game but i'm supposed to show you it for the first time.  


Here's the minigame. You choose the starting point and you will automatically walk the path. If there's any junction, you automatically make turn. There's suspicious characters that you may encounter. I mean, seriously. What's their deal? I don't think there's hired by duel academy to wear some kind of cultist robe with creepy bag on their head and duel this naive kid that happens to walk on them. Also there's chests! So far, i get battery (that refill my battery bar that when depleted forces me to end the mini game) and a rice ball.


So, yeah. If you bump into them, you initiate card duel as per usual. But you and your opponent have miniscule Life Points (LP) so the duel relatively expeditious. Ideally you want to build deck that directly aim for your opponent's LP for this minigame. But i don't have required cards for that. I call that kind of deck is "Lifenator". Don't copy! The patent for the name is currently processed in local copyright office.   


I didn't last long in that dungeon explore. I figure it's time to hit the store! I avoid the bullet here. I ask the storekeeper here to duel (because i'm iseng and idiot) but she declines it  because she need to learn the rules first.  


Thus i go shopping for cards instead. The store currently have 5 card packs: Beginner Monster, Beginner Spell, Beginner Trap, Dark Monster, and (advertised as) Alexis' cards. The store is guaranteed to have pack that contains your current partner's card but i don't think it's entirely true because there's random weak normal monsters into the mix. There's pack that contains one certain element that can only be bought at certain days for example The Shadow/Dark element pack only available in Monday or The Fire element pack only available in Tuesday. You can unlock other card pack by having at least 50% cards from previous pack. For example: to unlock Advanced Trap pack, you have to acquire 50% cards or more from Basic Trap pack. There's also way to unlock card pack by clearing the game once or with certain partner. Credit to Lichspawn9 for their FAQ in GameFAQs about card packs here including the detail of cards on the pack.

It will be easier to fix/upgrade your current deck instead of making entirely new ones. Thus you need better or stronger warrior-type monster. There's one in Beginner Monster Pack: "Card Blocker" that can increase his defense power by throwing up to 3 cards from your deck to graveyard. Not shabby defensive monster, i would say. There's some in Alexis card pack. It's generally good idea to make up your deck with your partner's card to boost your teamwork should you do Tag Duel. If you feel tired of buying card pack one by one and want to spend your DP fast, you can buy a whole box of it. By holding "L" shoulder button and pressing cross button.    


It's fairly good idea to ask your partner to duel your victim opponent. Because your partner (most of the time) has better cards on their deck with better interaction. At least compared to your very first deck that's -let's be honest- relatively shabby. We found this KENYoU guy in the store. I think he's easy opponent but just to make sure i let Alexis does the honor.  

As for Alexis' deck. It employs Cyber Angel ritual and Cyber Girl monster which is Alexis' signature. That's sensible. What i don't like is the inclusion of  "Valhalla, hall of the fallen" continuous spell card which allows her to special summon Fairy type monster from her hand if there's no monster on her side. Maybe she wants the interaction between the Valhalla and fairy-type monster "Senju of the Thousand Hands" or "Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands" who have the effect adding Ritual Monster card from her deck . But the thing is the effect only activated upon normal summon and not special summon. Plus their attack power is 1,400 points which is not great for standard combat.  

Alexis wins the match! Apparently, this KENYoU guy is easy target. It goes without saying you can see your partner's cutscene besides their opponent's cutscene during the duel. More cutscene on the match, albeit you have no control on it. (Besides checking cards on the playfields and on their hand).

Ooops! I don't get any DP from my partner's victory. I should know. 3:

Oh my goodness! Look at how big the penalty for renting that 1 "Junk Synchron" that i barely use because i don't have Synchro monster yet. It seems the penalty scales with income that i got. Because i get bonus DP from completing a challenge, i also get bonus penalty. Although if i compare the previous match's income is still smaller than this one even despite of the bigger penalty. I got 302 DP on previous match while for this one i got 896 DP. Still, i feel like the penalty for renting that card hurts me a lot. I should return it ASAP. 

It's almost midnight and Alexis gives me dirty look because she wants enough bedtime to make sure she looks beautiful (as opposed to me). However i give her credit because she's still patience when she dragged to my card search all around the places.

Next day...


Abandoned building is staple in Anime show with school setting. Why they don't demolish abandoned building that can be used for nefarious purpose or become haunted building? Don't tell me it's because they don't have budget to do so or for the sake of cultural heritage. Rubbish! Anyway, Alexis don't like us visiting this place because it's off limits even though we can see 2 persons standing there already. However, this moment cause her affinity to go up despite her dirty look. Maybe because she concerns in my safety. You're nice, Alexis.

After searching the places for card (like usual), i duel with Taku that we meet near the entrance. He's fairly easy opponent. You need to be careful with his "Royal Decree" trap card that negate all trap card on the playfield except "Royal Decree" itself. This making you to rely on spell card more or you can destroy it. I happen to have "Dust Tornado" card that will destroy spell or trap card on the field but it's trap card so i can't use it for this occasion. Oops! The biggest threat of Taku's deck is the combination of "Gearfried The Iron Knight" monster and "Release Restraint" Spell that can special summon "Gearfried The Swordmaster" monster. Katsuya Jonouchi (or Joey Wheeler in US version) from first Yu-Gi-Oh! show also use that "Gearfried" combination.

What interests me the most is his "Familiar Knight" monster with effect: special summon Level 4 monster from both duelist's hand if it's destroyed. Plus it's warrior type monster. I have brilliant idea. I will search the password for the "Familiar Knight" then i rent it!  


You can see your match statistics from the menu plus experience status like in any JRPG. By the way, you can rename the team name after choosing your partner. But me, i keep it default.


So i go back to the lab return the  "Junk Synchron" card and rent "Familiar Knight". 2 of them in fact. Because i reach level 5, i can rent more than 1 card. Then i exchange all the useless cards so far into the exchange card machine and they become...Synchro Strike! My luck pulls my leg here. I don't have Synchro monster yet. Goddamit!



There's kitty named Pharaoh in my room. How lovely! So i pet his head and he doesn't like it. So sad! :(


So i attend the class but skip the minigame. Then i choose to visit the class after the session to search for the card. Hey i found "Pot of Avarice". This is the second card with effect for extra draw card from the deck. The first is one is "Good Goblin Housekeeping" but that one is not so good yet bit kitschy.

I like to point out 2 funny fact: First, Pot of Avarice is forbidden now but Pot of Greed allowed! The former requires at least 5 monsters on graveyard first before you can draw 2 cards while the latter requires no prerequisite at all. Thus Pot of Avarice feels more balanced but it's totally banned now? Go figure! Second, this searching desks in classrooms reminds me the day when i was Middle Schooler doing the same thing every Friday, searching for stationary and unnamed book for me to claim while also the desks from garbage.   

I open the door in the sides of classroom. Apparently, it was also exit besides the main exit in the center back of the room. So i exited/entered the classroom unnecessarily and spending too many time in vain. When i go to store. It's close! But somehow, students still wandering here. Maybe i should play some match with one of them.

I remembered Joshua works with Six-Samurai deck and i was right! From all Six Samurais, only Zanji that has decent attack power: 1,800 points. I happen to have the normal monster of Six Samurai: "Chamberlain of Six Samurai" but Joshua's deck doesn't have it. I wonder if the chamberlain still counted as Six Samurai for the their effect's activation.

You need to be careful of the "Shien's Castle of Mist" field spell which reduce your monster attack power by 500 points if they attack any of Six-Samurai. Also this "Great Shogun Shien" that possesses fairly decent attack power of level 7 monster and force you to activate 1 spell/trap card in a turn which crippling me so bad.     


If you find yourself in trouble because of enemy's field spell card. There's another solution besides destroying it: put your own field spell card. As stated on the rule: there can only one field spell actives at the time. So new field spell card will overwrite the earlier ones. In this case , i overwrite the "Shien's Castle of Mist" field with my usual "Sogen" field. Six-samurai monsters are definitely warrior-type thus they also get benefit from "Sogen" but i say that's better than my monsters get 500 points reduction on their attack point whenever they attack any of Six-samurai.

Apparently, Joshua's deck has pretty high level due to high interaction but not so hard to defeat. Long story short, Joshua is quite easy target.  

So we went to the cliff and found another anime Man in Black. He offer us to play minigame called "Ball or Bread". It's quite simple to play. All you need is to look very carefully on what Sadie (the storekeeper girl) throw at your partner. If it's bread that your partner dislike or any sport ball, you must tell your partner to dodge it by pressing one of face or shoulder buttons. If the bread is (you assume) good for your partner, don't do anything and let your partner eat the bread that launched at 60 km/hour or 37.282 mph. It seems, Alexis likes to eat jam bread (sensible) along with the jam jar (not sensible).

If you tell partner to dodge earlier than Sadie's throw, it's disqualified. Failed or disqualified 5 times and the minigame is over.

Demoman_negativevocalization04.wav. Sadie just throw a bowling ball. That lass sure has magnificent strength! Actually, more importantly why she throw a bowling ball at Alexis? Is it because she's in second place after Alexis in Beauty Contest or something? Thus she hold strong grudge against my partner. Sadie also throws rugby ball and cream pie! Sadie has strong sense of humor, apparently.


We manage to survive up to 22 turns. I get some DP in returns but Alexis seems not so happy about the result so her affinity goes down. ;P


I manage to unlock card pack with Fusion theme by getting 50% cards from Equip card pack. I was hoping to get equip spell card that resurrect my monster "Premature Burial" but i didn't get it because its rarity is Ultra Rare! But unlocking the Fusion Card Packs is rewarding enough for me. Now, i remember this "Zombyra The Dark"! I use this bastard a lot back in the day because he's Warrior-Type monster. Monster level 4 with attack power is 2,100 is very bloody rare and useful too. The drawback is, he can't commit direct attack to opponent and he will drop his attack power by 200 points everytime he destroy opponent's monster. However the latter weakness can be minimized pretty easily by having cards that boost monster's attack and i already plenty of them. For example: "Command Knight" monster, "Banner of Courage" continuous spell (that increase attack by 200 point during my battle phase only), weapon equip spell, "Sogen" field spell, and the most remarkable of all is "The A. Forces" continuous spell which increase all warrior-type monster by 200 point for every face-up warrior-type (or spellcaster type) monsters! Spy_positivevocalization01.wav


This time i try my luck on the dungeon minigame. I have bigger LP because i have leveled up a bit thus enlarging margin of error during duel in this dungeon. I also remember that i can using limited use of ladder to change my way by pressing "Square" button on marked block. I can get more ladder inside a chest if i'm lucky.


The end of this path is either downstairs that lead to next level or end of dungeon. I can't recall much on how beneficial to reach the end of dungeon. On next try, i think you will start at the next floor where you reach the safety instead from the first floor. You also get experience and DP upon reaching the checkpoint, i guess? 



Eventually, Alexis' affinity is fully filled and there's an event unlocked on the forest with exclamation mark. Let's go there!


Jasmine and Mindy here are thinking to become teacher at Duel Elementary School and ...wait what? There's elementary school for Yu-Gi-Oh! card duel? How much a vogue is this card game in this universe? (The answer is most likely very big)

Anyway, these Alexis' friends feel bit unconfident about the teacher-qualification test. She said she wants to teach them. Suddenly Alexis remember that there's Tag Duel test in the teacher qualification and offer them to do some quick tag match with me as her partner obviously.  


In tag match, each turn you and your partner switch turn on controlling the deck and hand while sharing same field and LP. When i'm about to attack Mindy activate "Mirror Force" trap resulting in all of our monster destroyed. Sorry, Alexis! 3:


Apparently Jasmine sports deck with Harpie Ladies and she happens to activate "Harpies' Hunting Ground" field. I like to see scene in the background where trio Ojama try to attack a Harpie Lady but keep failing everytime. As for Mindy, she...uuh...no idea what her deck does. All i remember she activates "Dark Snake Syndrome" continuous spell that gives each duelist a damage of 200 point and it will doubled on each next standby phase.


Obviously, it's not cool to be defeated by your own card! Maybe you shouldn't activate "Dark Snake Syndrome" continuous spell in the first place that gives you and Jasmine the finishing blow. Even so they feel that their bond getting stronger despite the shameful way of getting defeated. Good for them, i guess?

So we won on our first tag match and also first event. What happens next? Find out in next part.